Hiab Hire

Terry has over 10 years experience servicing the environmental, building and commercial industries as well as many unique individual requests from the average home owner.

We work in conjunction with specialist Arborists to safely dismantle and remove trees. Trees that have been deemed potentially dangerous or unsafe, or overhanging houses or structures, that can’t be removed through regular rigging processes. The use of the Hiab ensures an efficient, safe and timely removal.

Our Cherry Picker Bucket provides a stable platform on uneven ground when trimming tall palms, hedges and any other maintenance work that requires a long reach and a stable platform.

We also provide pick up, delivery and placement of building materials to worksites. This ensures both efficient and safe placement of construction materials onto the upper levels of building sites.

Our Hiab can also be used as a piece of surgical equipment to delicately place items such as furniture into the first, second or even third storey of buildings. Items such as over-sized refrigerators, lounge suites or other pieces of furniture that can’t be carried up stairs or into lifts.

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